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Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering


Part I: Definitions and EMC Measurement Systems

1- Introduction to EMC:

Electromagnetic Environment, Historical Notes, Concepts of EMI and EMC and Definitions, Practical Experiences and Concerns, Frequency Spectrum Conservation

2- Natural and Nuclear Sources of EMF:

Electromagnetic Noise, Lightning Discharge, Electrostatic Discharge, Human Body Model, Electromagnetic Pulse

3- EMI from Apparatus and Circuits:

Electromagnetic Emissions, Noise from Relays and Switches, Nonlinearities in Circuits, Passive Intermodulation, Cross-Talk, Transients in Power Supply Lines, Electromagnetic Interference

4- Radiated Interference Measurements:

Open-Area Test Site Measurements, Anechoic Chamber, Transverse Electromagnetic Cell, Reverberating Chamber, Giga-Hertz TEM Cell, Comparison of Test Facilities

5- Conducted Interference Measurements:

Common-Mode and Differential-Mode Interferences, Conducted EM Noise on Power Supply Lines, Immunity to Conducted EMI

6- Pulsed Interference Immunity:

Electrostatic Discharge, Electrical Fast Transients/Burst, Electrical Surges

Part II: EMC Guidelines for Circuits and Electrical Systems

7- Grounding, Shielding, and Bonding:

Grounding, Principles and Practice of Earthing, System Grounding for EMC, Cable Shield Grounding

Shielding, Shielding Theory and Shielding Effectiveness, Shielding Materials, Cable Shielding, Electrical Bonding

8- EMI Filters:

Power Line Filter Design, Common-Mode Filter, Differential-Mode Filter, Switching Power Supplies Filters, Filter Installation, Filter Evaluation

9- Cables, Connectors, and Components:

EMI Suppression Cables, EMC Connectors, Connector Shielding, EMC Gaskets, Isolation Transformers, Opto-Isolators, Transient and Surge Suppression Devices (MOV, GDT, TVS, VVR)

10- Signal Integrity:

SI Problems, SI in Electrical Packaging, SI Analysis, Rise Time and SI, Transmission Lines, Reflection, Cross Talk, Power Ground Noise

Part III: EMC Standards and Testing

11- EMC Standards:

Standards for EMI/EMC, MIL-STD-462, IEEE/ANSI Standards, CISPR/IEC Standards, FCC, VDE, Euro Norms, British Standards



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- Electromagnetic Fields and Waves

- Antenna Theory I

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