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Quantum Mechanics

Origins of Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics and Classical Mechanics, Classical Electromagnetics, Mathematical Tools of Quantum Mechanics, de Broglie’s Hypothesis, Schrödinger Equation, Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors, Dirac Notation, Blackbody Radiation, Wave Aspects of Particles, Compton Scattering and Photon Momentum, Postulates of Quantum Mechanics, Operators and Eigenstates, The Harmonic Oscillator, Angular Momentum in Quantum Mechanics, Two-State Systems, The Central Potential and the Real Hydrogen Atom, Time-Dependent and Time-Independent Perturbation Theory, Fermions and Bosons, Applications of the Quantum Mechanics, The Interaction of Charged Particles with the Electromagnetic Fields, Absorption and Scattering by Atomic Systems, Laser, Quantum Statistical Mechanics, Band Theory of Electrons in Solid-State Physics



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